GymX Compression Shadow Grey Hoodie (Dry fit, Pocket Zips)


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Compression Series: Fits like skin

Introducing a GymX masterpiece- the only compressions which offers compression fit with 2 zip pockets , making it the most utility oriented compressions pullover in the world.

Defy Gravity

Defy gravity and float in GymX compression series. The feather light fabric wraps around your skin with utter softness, making you lighting fast.

The Cool- Tech technology keeps the fabric ice cool and wicks moisture/sweat away, keeping you cool and fresh.


GymX compressions are the first ever to include asymmetric 2 pocket zippers  and 4 Way Stretch, giving you even better fit and safety of your belongings. The advance contrast stitching gives the series a striking design and sturdy durability.


  1. Ultra light fabric
  2. Flex Fit: 4 way stretch
  3. Cool- Tech technology- Dry Fit
  4. 2 asymteric pocket zips


  1. Advance contrast stitch

GymX Athlete Sunny is 5"10' feet tall, 78kgs wearing Large for the shoot.

We do exchange if you’ve size issues

Select according to chest size (Inches) :
Sizes (inches)
Small: 38-39 Chest. Length 26
Medium: 40-41 Chest. Length 28
Large: 42-43 Chest. Length 30
Extra Large: 44-45. Chest Length 31
Extra Extra Large: 46-48 Chest Length 32

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