Advanced Reusable Face Mask (Pack of 8)



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Advanced Face Protects (Delivers during lock down within 2-7 days)

Pro tip: Buy More, Save More, Get More Discount. 1 mask costs Rs.349, by buying 8 you've saved Rs.2073!

Fight deadly virus, dust & pollution by protecting yourself & your loved ones with GymX Advanced Face Protects. 


  • 3 Layer Protection
  • Outer Mesh Layer blocks large particles. Middle Layer blocks medium particles. Last Layer blocks minute particles
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Elastic Ear Bands- Universal Size
  • Breathable Fabric

Fabric: Polyester

Size: Universal


Wash & Care Instructions

  • Wash them with regular soap or detergent (after every use), but dry them thoroughly and store in a cool, dry place.
  • This is for individual use ONLY, to prevent contamination do not share it with others.
  • Change/Remove the protect if there is difficulty in breathing

  • How to wear?

  • Step 1 - Hold ear strings by your hands, face the concave side
  • Step 2 - Pull the strings over your ears, cover your nose, mouth & chin properly.
  • Step 3 - Adjust to ensure a perfect fit
  • Step 4 - Do NOT touch the outer surface of the protect while in use

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  • How GymX is contributing?

Safety & well being is our top priority. During these unprecedented times, GymX has dedicated most of it's machines in the production of safety gear like the Advanced Face Protects which are sanitised before dispatch. We will be diverting all the profits from the Advance Face Protects in producing more protective gears at extremely reasonable rate. By purchasing this, you're funding our research and development team to come out with more break through products which will help India fight the virus. Proudly Made In India.

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