Neon Green GymX Wrist Wraps (Pack of 2)



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Titanium Wrist Wraps:

Unparalleled strength

Increase your performance & lifts by 30%* with our all new Titanium Wrist Wraps.

Heavy Duty Workout

Made from premium stretchable cotton elastane fabric, these wrist wraps can withstand the most brutal workouts. These wraps fit around your wrist like second skin, and it’s soft cotton touch ensures no irritation. Equipped with a thumb hole for better grip, these wraps will give you the confidence to go for heavier lifts.

Injury Prevention

Titanium Wrist Wraps secure your wrist and prevents from wrist injuries which otherwise take months to heal.

Suitable for: Bodybuilding workouts, cross-fit, kettle bell



Length: 15 inches

Width: 3.2 inches

Contains 2 Wrist Wraps Pieces Do you want to resell GymX Apparels?- Click Here

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